Care Inspectorate Report 2018

The Care Inspectorate recently made a visit to Women’s Aid Orkney to review our service.

The Care Inspectorate inspect the quality of care that we provide to our service users. They make sure that we meet their high standards. And where we don’t they provide support to help us to make improvements. The results from our latest inspection are now available.

You can read the results here: 2018 Care Inspectorate Report

We’re pleased with the feedback and looking forward to building on the team’s good work by implementing the recommendations made by the Care Inspectorate. The most important part is the feedback from our service users. That is afterall why we do what we do:

“I struggle making decisions – anxiety gets the better of me. They accompany me to meetings to help me cope.They help me to use different coping strategies … Its been a lifeline. I don’t know how I would have coped
without them. They always get back to you”. 

“… I feel so much better than when I arrived. I had nowhere to turn to, I was isolated, I’d no-one to talk to…I’m now getting all this support I’ve needed for years. I’ve got this chance to get my life back on track…”

Women’s Aid Orkney provides a range of emotional and practical support to women and children affected by domestic abuse. Contact us to find out more about what we do, how we can help you, or what you can do to support our work.