Children & Young People (CYP SODA) – getting support with domestic abuse

Children and young people who are survivors of domestic abuse (CYP SODA) can get help from Women’s Aid Orkney too. CYP SODA supports boys and girls, aged 3 – 18.

We have a team of impartial support workers here just for you. They provide free and confidential support to children and young people.

You can talk to them about things like feelings, relationships and keeping safe. They are here for you to help make sense of things that have happened at home.

Our CYP base has lots of wonderful toys and resources to use and play with during a support session. We also have a sensory room, this is a therapeutic space to help you feel calm, relaxed and diffuse anxieties

CYP Sensory Room

The CYP Service also runs group activities, these can include art workshops, fun outings or learning about different topics, such as healthy relationships.

CYP SODA poster "I can tell you stuff and you believe me." " You can come here when you feel bad" " I come here to relax and have good times."
Our Children and Young People made this poster to tell you about how Women’s Aid Orkney can help CYP SODA – that’s boys and girls who are survivors of domestic abuse.